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About Me

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Digital Marketing

I have been working in marketing for 6+ years and love every second of it. I am currently a Social Media Manager at Agency FIFTY3 in Denver, CO. I manage two teams: the Social Ad team and the Social Content team. We are part of a larger team that includes PPC, SEO, Web Development, and R&D. Marketing skills: Strategic Planning Data Analysis Cross-team Collaboration Technical & Conceptual Problem Solving Execution Management B2B and B2C Lead Generation Internal and External Reporting Cross-Channel Strategizing Paid Media Budget Strategizing Technical skills:
Google Analytics Google Ads Google My Business Google Tag Manager Conversion Tracking Facebook Business Manager & Suite Facebook & Instagram Ads & Organic Content Pinterest Ads & Organic Content Snapchat Ads & Organic Content TikTok Ads & Organic Content LinkedIn Ads & Organic Content Adobe Creative Suite Google Sheets, Slides, & Docs Additional skills: HTML & CSS WordPress CRM Mangement APIs Software Integrations Process Automation


My top 5 CliftonStrengths:
Achiever | Belief | Learner | Responsibility | Positivity
Strengths are not only areas where we excel but they are indications that we can grow in other areas as well. I have taken a variety of training sessions about StrengthsFinder, how to harness this information for success, how to use others' strengths to best collaborate, and how to build a team of well-rounded professionals.

Radical candor, from the book Radical Candor by Kim Scott, is a communication method I use in my leadership style. I am a very positive person and a very direct person. This helps teams understand exactly what is expected from their role while also having flexibility to learn and grow through a healthy support system. I use three main styles when working with my teams: Coach, Mentor, and Manager. Each of these have their place. We are all human beings who deserve connection in a personal way and that's where these three styles come in. No challenge is met with the same solution and neither should learning. By approaching different problems with tailored leadership styles, I am able to grow many fascets of the team which inevitably leads to a more successful business. I love to lead, collaborate, build effective and efficient processes, and take on the challenges that come with this level of responsibility.


I graduated from CU Denver with a B.F.A. in Digital Design. I learned narrative, typography, graphic design, animation, film and film editing, 3D animation, illustration, and design concepts. I am passionate about design and have been able to apply this knowledge to the business that I founded, Arcana Herbal. I designed all products, packaging, company branding, storefront design, web design, ecommerce systems, and more. In marketing, I've been able to apply my design knowledge to marketing in so many ways like creating customized, branded ad graphics for clients, highly curated social media feeds, landing page design, professional client-facing presentations, designed data reports, and more. This understanding of design helps to reduce the workload of the creative teams when needed and can give marketing strategies a more holistic view from the beginning.


I am a learner. I never stop finding things to be passionate about which passion. I enjoy longboarding, linocut print making, going to museums, home styling, traveling, and any hands-on creation. In my free-time I'm learning Danish, Swedish, and ASL. I have two dogs, Banjo and Doom. They are my favorite living things in the world. My home is filled with plants because I can't seem to get enough of them. I actively rearrange my house to fit the needs of my plants. My favorite foods are breakfast burritos, Italian, and Mediteranean. I listen to all kinds of music and my go-tos are underground hip hop, black metal, and down tempo instrumental. Coffee is a beverage I could drink any time of the day, all day, forever, without anything in between.

Someday I hope to live in Sweden, own a farm where I can have 100 dogs that get to run around freely, and would very much enjoy a trip to the moon. Big goals, I know.


I have helped Agency FIFTY3 earn over 10 awards related to social media marketing alone from the issuers below. Awards are given to exceptional digital marketing campaigns, creativity, and more.

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My commitments to my team, my work, and myself


Stability through process, creativity, and thoughtfulness is the foundation of a growing business. With this strong foundation, the products can generate effective, long-term results.



I am dedicated to educating myself continuously and implementing diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices in marketing, design, team relationships, and my personal life.


A team with a positive spirit, passion, and excitement for their work means a more successful culture in which to thrive. We all want to love what we do. I am dedicated to fostering a respectful, fun, and supportive atmosphere.

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