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people don't know what they don't know

How Facebook Earned Us Over 1,000% ROI



Axium Academy is a strong brand offering a valuable and high quality service of training people how to become Home Inspectors. With such a niche service, most of the public is unaware this career is an option at all. The inspection industry is begging to grow but with such minimal recognition in everyday life, how do we gain impressions and quality leads in a world that virtually doesn't know the home inspection career exists?


With a relatively minimal budget, we needed to generate a brand awareness and lead generation campaign to educate the public about the home inspection career, why they would want to be an inspector, and why they should sign up for our inspection training course.


Facebook Retargeting Ads.

To the maximum amount of impressions with a limited budget I designed a Facebook retargeting campaign which identified our audience, educated them through captivating videos, and presented call to actions to capture leads.



Audience is at the Awareness stage of the value journey

Strategized our Facebook audience using Facebook’s Audience Insights along with other historical data from Google Analytics

Developed a Brand Awareness campaign which introduced our service to the audience and peaking interest.

Used a captivating CTA to encourage them to explore our website’s content.

Used Custom Conversion tracking pixels on website pages to use for dynamic retargeting.



Audience is engaged

After the pixel gathered enough user data, I created a retargeting campaign to the users who viewed content.

The ad promoted a sign up to join one of our informational seminars in order to make a lasting impression and further impact the audience.

We must be in from of the audience consistently to see positive results of the branding and to accomplish lead capture.

Consistent branding earns trust from the audience and earns the service more credibility.



Audience completes conversion #1

The audience is registered for a seminar and now getting ads which promotes specific features of the course to upsell the core offer. 

The audience is engaged and is now absorbing as much information about the service and brand as possible.

It is crucial to be in front of the audience throughout the value journey to be remembered and significant.



Audience complete core offer conversion

Developed specific ads which follows a path to give the lead information appropriate for their position in their journey.

Ads continue until the audience converts to the core offer.

Beyond the core offer, retargeting ads upsell ancillary courses and maintains value to the audience.


The results showed that this campaign was extremely effective in engagement, lead generation, and revenue. We continue to use this campaign still and it is one of our top lead sources. It far exceeds the industry benchmarks* and produces an extremely high ROI.

*Benchmarks are for the education industry, 2018